Monday, July 12, 2010

A Woman's Wish-List

Since the beginning of time, there have been a lot of discussions about what the 'fairer' sex wants. It might even remain a mystery till the end of time. The Venusians are an unpredictable species, and their wish-list can be pretty diverse. But I believe it's only a woman who can understand another woman's secret desires, and so here is my attempt to list out few of those things that most women want (hereby adding one more list to the age old research on understanding women).

1. The cinder girl always wishes to be Princess Cinderella!

From the moment we open our eyes each morning, we want to look like we've just stepped out of a Salon or a Spa. Beauty has no definitions, but certain characteristics that most woman desire is wide eyes, high cheekbones and full lips. Though none of these are requisites to being beautiful, they are revered by many. We want to look nothing less than a Disney Princess... Errr, in more Desi ishtyle, we want to look like the kind of Priyanka Chopra (Personal preference ;) )... Some might even want to look like Mallika Sherawat... God help them and the men they are associated with...

2. Cinderella's Glass Slippers

When we walk out of our home, we want to walk out on those 5-inch Prada heels, with poise; those heels that make us look as delicate footed as Cinderella. But high heels look sexy only if u know how to walk in them gracefully, rather than just wobbling around; which sometimes result in tripping on small sidewalk imperfections and getting hurt. Though very uncomfortable, the high heel can act as a weapon too - a weapon against the Road side Romeos :P

3. Kyu Paisa Paisa Karti hai??!!

We want to have all the money in the world... When I said money, I am talking in millions or preferably billions - the more, the better... It would be even better if all those moneys are inherited, rather than earned...

4. Bella's Fate, Our Fantasy

Women want to be ageless. We want to be frozen between the age of 22-25; beautiful and young forever.

5. Size matters and so does all those Yummy foods

Who doesn't want to gorge on those cheesy lasagnas or yummy chicken wings (Veggies plz ignore :P) or sizzling brownies or Choc' Amor of KFC (Yumm Yumm!!)... We want to eat all these delicious and irresistible foods and not gain any weight at all... (This is strictly NOT for the skinny girls!!!)

6. A Best Friend

A Best Friend to listen to us always. Someone who is there during both happy and sad times. Someone who gives us fashion advices and shopping tips and also gives us a shoulder to cry on when men hurt us.

7. Cinderella's Prince Charming

Romance and Passionate Love, is something every woman wants and yeah, we want it preferably in the same guy :P... Women like being wooed and it makes her feel one in a million... Though many of us have accepted that Prince Charming does not exist, we still keep waiting for that special someone...

8. Finally, the Equality Theorem
This theorem states that, from Miss. Plain Jane to Miss. Fashion Chic, all women want to be treated as EQUAL; though it doesn't imply that we want the door slamming on our faces...

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venkat_(n)ever_thinking said...

Brilliant post.. It can be titled - "Dil hai chota sa.. Choti si aasha"


On a lighter note, i think u shud write another post- A woman's hit-list :D

SANGuine... said...

Well the 'Aasha's here are pretty big ones ;-)
Please enlighten regarding the woman's hit-list... :-\ I am pretty clue-less...

venkat_(n)ever_thinking said...

Lite le re :) it was just a pull off from "Wish List" - the title of ur post..

Well, it could mean things that women want eliminated from the world - Hairy men for sure is one (I shot myself down with this) :D

SANGuine... said...

Well I shouldn't comment that in public, but totally hair-less men are not desirable either ;-)
Thanks for the inspiration... Now I know what to write next :P

Anonymous said...

Hi, lovely post :) Although our wishlist is ever increasing, this list sure does a great deal of justice. But one imp thing you missed is DIAMONDS, our bestest friends :)