10 Things 'About Me'

1. The Age old transliteration confusion of Anusvāra

Before you get to know about me or start calling me by names, which are apparently not my names, you should know how to pronounce my name. I am Sanghita Nandi. For those who can read Hindi - It is संहिता - Not संगिता or संगहिता or संघिता or संगिथा. For those who cannot - just forget the 'G' in my name. My Grandmother who had named me 'Sanghita', was a Master in Sanskrit, but she too, perhaps, was caught up in the Sanskrit to English transliteration of Anusvāra. For those who are too confused about my complex nomenclature - I prefer being called SANG, a name devised by my clever MBA mates to avoid all such confusions.
(Spelling my name as 'Sangita' or 'Sangeetha' would be the best way to cross me.)

2. Where do I belong?

I am from Assam (For those who forgot their geography lessons - Assam is very much in India). But just because I belong to Assam, does not mean I am an Assamese. I am a Bengali from Silchar, a town in southern Assam where 90% of the residents are Bongs. And because I am a Bengali, it does not mean I speak Bong-versioned Hindi. I did my schooling in a Kendriya Vidyalaya and speak Hindi almost as good as my mother tongue. 
(All said and done, I am an once-upon-a-time Proud Indian!)

3. Read - Write - Speak

I stayed in Chennai for 8 years. So can I speak Tamil? NO. Hard to digest, but true. Call it my bad language pick-up skill or whatever, I could only speak as much Tamil as it is needed to bargain with the autowalas. The day I left Chennai, I chucked out 'Learning French' from my long time wish list. 
(Now don't ask me if I can speak Assamese)

4. Freedom of Learning

I was an Engineer, before an MBA and one of the most annoying question people ask is "Why I did Engineering at all?". As far as my case is concerned, 10 years earlier my home town hardly had any career counselling center. Students followed successful seniors, elder (and admired) siblings or cousins, what those few newspapers said about the professional courses or just occasionally listened to their parents. Some stick to those career life long and many, like me, prefer career diversification. For those who believe Engineering Grads should not pursue management studies and those who love passing that reductio ad absurdum about how our Engineering degree is a waste - Knowledge is not territorial, nor does it go down the drain. 
(My work profile with my current organization is a techno-management profile of an HRIS)

5. I am an Individualist, if not a Feminist

Since I am a woman, it is often called as Feminism. Feminism might be a word with varied meaning in different people's dictionary. If it is about seeking equal rights and equal sharing of responsibility with our male counterparts, yes I am a Feminist too. But I prefer calling myself an Individualist who values her freedom above all else. I have lived an Independent life so far and would love to live this way if the society does not crush me with its traditional norms. 
(I like voicing my opinion, even if this is not the Parliament.)

6. Heart over Head

I have always listened to my heart and it has never led me astray or made me do something that I regretted later. However logical the mind sounds, all you need is a little faith to follow that inner voice - that instinct or intuition, and it never fails you.
("Trust your heart if the seas catch fire")

7. Jack of Creative works

I have an uncanny knack for creative works, be it writing or performing arts or music or painting or photography. I loved organizing events during my college days, where my part mostly consisted of theme deciding and stage designing. I enjoy interior designing and love doing up even the rented apartment I live in. I have 12 years of Hindustani classical music training to my credit and like most Bong women, I can sing Rabindra Sangeet too, but during those few stage performances I have always ended up singing Western Solos.  
(I enjoy Make Up not just for the sake of it, but because it's an artist's work.)

8. Travel! Explore! Adventure!

I have a passion for travelling and exploring new places. It turns me into a dreamer, sometimes even a day-dreamer. I love unplanned travels, hate being a tourist and if I come upon a fork in the road, I prefer taking the less traveled route to see if that leads to an adventure. 
(Curiosity didn't kill the Cat, Ignorance did.). 

9. A Dog is my best friend

I love Dogs. Period. Just looking into their eyes and feeling their unconditional love makes me happy and takes away all the worldly worries. I understand there are people who are allergic to animals, but those who are cruel to them have no place in my life.
(It's good to have an unselfish friend in this selfish world and in my case, I have many.)

10. I am a Living Paradox

I love snazzy celebrations with friends and family to such an extent that I have been called a party animal. But at times, I love to tune out the world. And when I am silent, it does not mean I am sad or depressed or that you need to file a missing person report. It just means that my mind has put up a virtual 'Do Not Disturb' sign for time being! 
(I am an extrovert who equally and absolutely enjoys her solitude time.)