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Review of Lucky 6 - A game by Fat Cat Gaming

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Lottery without a lottery ticket! I thought, "Seriously?"
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So there is this brand new mobile app called Lucky 6, launched by Fat Cat Gaming , a British crowdfunded campaign by SHM Entertainment Ltd., which is an innovative lottery style game app. 
How to download Lucky 6?

The game is not available on Google Play or App Store. Here is how to download it -

1. Go to You'll see this screen -
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2. Depending on whether you have an iOS or Android, download the .apk file.
3. Run the .apk file to complete installation.
4. In case, you get a notification saying only Google Play apps are permitted, go to Security settings and check the "Unknown sources" box and press Ok. Then run the .apk file to download the game.

(Alternatively, you can download the .apk file to your PC and then transfer it to your phone, like I did.)

How to play Lucky 6?

Once the Lucky 6 app is downloaded and you have registered, all you need to do is select 6 brands from the list. When you select 6 brands and confirm, a ticket for that entry is created. If the brands you selected match the top 6 brands on the Game day, you win. How they decide which the top 6 brands are? Stock market gains of course!

Prizes - 

The prize is a jackpot of Rs.25 Lakh for the winner.
If there is more than one winner, the jackpot will be shared.
If there is no winner, the top scorer gets an all expense paid holiday trip (for two) to an exotic location.
If a player you introduced wins the jackpot, you get a bonus of Rs.6.25 Lakh.

Review of Lucky 6 game - 

Cons (Let’s start with areas of improvement…) - 

1. Platform issues - It is only for iOS and Android users – what about Windows and Blackberry users?

2. Download issues - It is not available on Google Play and that makes the download process a little confusing.

3. Betting on Brands - For those not aware about stock market movements, it can get a little tricky.

4. Some brands listed are actually sub-brands belonging to a parent brand, e.g. Chevrolet of GM, Goldflake of ITC, Kitkat of Nestle, etc.

5. Bug issues - The game logs me out every time my screen gets locked.


1. Fast download! You’ll say - just now I said it’s confusing to download. Well partly yes, because Google Play doesn’t allow reward based games. But once you have figured out that all you have to do is download the .apk file through your browser and install it, it’s a pretty fast process.

2. It is free to play. Yes you heard it right – Free!!!

3. It is a simple and user-friendly game.

4. Fast winner declaration – Announced within 2 hours of the end of contest on Game Day.

5. You win cash! Not coupons! Not vouchers! Hard Cash it is!

6. Sharing is Caring – You can share your score with your friends on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc. and challenge them to compete.

7. Luck hierarchy – If the friend you shared with get’s lucky, you get double lucky and win bonus cash. So if you read about 'Lucky 6' on my blog, please mention referrer name as 'Sanghita'. 

8. Last but not the least – this is E-lottery. Gone are the days of buying lottery tickets. All you need to do is download and play and get Lucky.

As it is obvious, that the Pros beat the Cons, this game has potential to create a storm in India. If it’s shared well through social media among gamers, it will capture the market like no other game has ever done before. I can already imagine people ‘brand betting’ throughout the day. 

Now this is what I would call as intelligent gaming. Nothing ever came out of crushing candies right?
I'm saying it again in case you missed it, please mention referrer name as 'Sanghita' if you read about 'Lucky 6' by Fat Cat Gaming on this blog :) Thank you!

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